Saturday, December 28, 2013

And We're Here! Finally!

After 28 hours of traveling, dragging around way too much luggage (the majority being donations) and hitting a couple of minor bumps along the way, our Israel Alt Break group has arrived safely in Jerusalem with smiling and enthusiastic faces! Although we were exhausted, everyone was eager to get out of the hostel to see the beautiful city of Jerusalem. Chatter about preconceived notions and questions about Israel invaded our minds, while silences took over other at times. Already so many breathless views and new cultural experiences! Immediately after getting out of the taxi vans in Jerusalem, we walked through the Old City and through the suk to get to our hostel. Soon after arriving we had the pleasure of hearing the beautiful call to prayer and hung out on our hostel’s rooftop admiring the views. Before a majority of our group went on a city tour, we spent time at the hostel going over expectations for the week. Each participant will have responsibilities throughout the trip such as blogging, food tasks, developing reflection questions and so much more. While we will have Internet for the majority of our trip, we do not want to be spending our time posting on Facebook or sending emails instead of experiencing this unique opportunity. Therefore, we will take turns writing on the blog and posting status updates on Facebook so our families can stay tuned in to our happenings on the ground and support us throughout our service project.  At the moment, we are winding down from our adventure filled day and getting ready to make dinner. Through our exhaustion, we still haven’t lost our excitement to experience all that Israel has to offer us.

*Due to exhaustion and a bit of loopyness, this blog was written by Heidi Bloom, Emily Bird, Hurubie Meko and Jes Walton. Even with four eyes we hope it makes sense!

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