Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Recap from our Service Day with Food For All DC!

This weekend was jam-packed with good stuff!

I'm not talking about the typical joy the weekend brings, but rather the fact that this weekend our Alt. Break group was able to volunteer with Food For All DC (FFADC) and pack grocery bags for low income home-bound residents in the DC area. As part of volunteering, individuals also volunteer to drive bags of food to each client's home in various neighborhoods of DC. FFADC client's are generally elderly citizens, handicapped, or single mothers with young children. Anyone can sign up to volunteer at FFADC almost every Saturday, weather-permitting and sans holidays. We had a great turnout for an early Saturday morning and the pictures below show that a good time was had by all.

The group formed a line and helped passing heavy bags of produce from the church's basement to outside.
(From Left to Right: Karen, Andreia, Becca and Kylen)

Sarah helps pass a heavy bag of food (including a rather large turkey) upstairs

The fruits of our labor are revealed! Look at those beautiful bags of food!

After packing the bags of food, the volunteers divided up into two different cars and started making deliveries all around DC. One half of the students rode with Heidi and the other half rode with me. We decided to make our deliveries caravan style, and went around to each location together. Heidi provided some delicious breakfast treats for the group to enjoy. By 12:45 pm we were back at AU for a quick lunch before a call with Yahel, the organization in Israel that is helping us to plan our Alt. Break trip itinerary. 

At 1:00 pm, we skyped with Moshik Lichtenstien, Director of the Yahel Insight Program. Moshik was able to speak with us more about Yahel and what we will be doing on the ground in Israel. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and appreciated Moshik's openness and humor. After speaking with him, I think everyone felt more excited about the trip and is looking forward to being in Israel with our host community.

Below is a great group picture of some of the students who were there for the afternoon: 

(From the top, left to right: Becca, Kylen, Sarah and Hurubie. 
From the bottom, left to right: Andreia, Aimal, Jessie and Bersabell)

We look forward to updating you more on our trip! 

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